The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI) is the specialized central body of public administration authorized to promote and implement the foreign policy of the State. The internal Regulations of the Ministry that were approved through the Governmental Decision no. 1156 of 4 November 2005 regulate its activity. The Central Apparatus of the Ministry, its consular bureaus, diplomatic missions, representative offices and missions to international organisations as well as the staff thereof all together constitute the Diplomatic Service of the Republic of Moldova.
The Law on Diplomatic Service governs the basic objectives and operations of the Diplomatic Service.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration is carrying out a broad activity aiming at ensuring favourable conditions to fully implement the following national interests of the Republic of Moldova externally: to integrate into the European Union, to strengthen the cooperation with international and regional organisations, to promote its economic interests, to ensure a favourable external environment and the international support necessary to implement the economic, social and political reforms in Moldova, to settle the conflict in Transnistria, to protect the interests of Moldovan citizens abroad and to build up the positive image of the Republic of Moldova on the international arena.

Thursday the 9th. Honorary Consul of Moldova in Estonia.